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facility in massachusetts, the new england compounding center. this is where the steroid injections were basically mixed together. it is there that the centers for disease control believe a fungus somehow contaminated this product. that product then went out to dozens of different facilities across the country. two of them have been identified in virginia, seven of them have been identified in maryland. that is where patients who may have received these steroid injections are being asked to be particularly cautious, alert if they're experiencing any unusual symptoms, because right now, doctors say early detection is key. >> this is a treatable condition, so that's why we're urging people to be vigilant about symptoms if they believe they were exposed, to communicate with their health care provider and make sure they're evaluated if they think they have any symptoms related to this. >> reporter: the health department in maryland and virginia have asked those
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facilities that are in question to stop giving out this product. in fact, they're telling them to get rid of it altogether, and that center in massachusetts that's believed to be the source of this contaminated steroid injection has now recalled all of their products, and they have stopped issuing any new products. there are two of these facilities in virginia, they're both in the southwest region. however, the virginia health department has not released the names of those facilities. the seven maryland facilities have been identified. we have the information on where those facilities are located and their names at our website but neither the maryland or virginia health department is releasing any information about the two people that have been killed -- or that have died in virginia and maryland because of meng giants. reporting live in baltimore, richard jordan. a man dangling in the air after a scaffolding mishap. rescue crews had to help him down outside the commerce
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department downtown. the scaffolding the man was working on fell, but investigators say he was tied to safety lines and wasn't hurt. they're still trying to figure out why that scaffolding collapsed. coming off of a strong debate performance. presidential nominee mitt romney is taking his campaign back on the road. and tonight that road goes through virginia. governor romney and his running mate congressman paul ryan will be speaking to supporters in fishersville near stanton. julie carey is live there with reaction to last night's debate. >> reporter: well, what a difference one day and one debate makes. governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan expected to take the stage around 6:45 tonight. the crowd said they're ready to celebrate last night's debate performance, and ready to rally around this gop team with excitement that even they can see hasn't been there before. >> woo! >> reporter: they lined up early in the shenandoah valley to see
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both gop running mates. they say it was mitt romney's performance that has suddenly renewed their enthusiasm for the ticket. >> i was yelling and screaming on the couch. i was pumped, excited. i think he did a wonderful job. >> reporter: mitt romney will spend three of the first five post-debate days in this battleground state in strong republican territory. but even here they admit before the debate, they were worried. their enthusiasm for their candidate lukewarm. >> with romney, before last night, i said, we're about 50%, 55%. after last night we're at about 100%. >> i was really pleased with the outcome last night. i thought mr. romney was -- he has statistics that just poured out like niagara falls, didn't they? >> reporter: but obama advisers know their target audience is undecided and swing voters. they quickly rolled out this ad challenging romney's tax plan
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wouldn't hurt the middle class. >> are we going to hold the governor accountable for his fraudulent positions? yes, we're going to do that. >> reporter: romney supporters are convinced their candidate has changed the course of this campaign and some are changing their plans, too. >> i'm going to talk to anybody i can, i'm going to call people, i'm going to volunteer at the republican committee and do whatever i can to help mitt romney win this election. >> whereas before you might have just cast your ballot? >> just voted. i'm really pumped up. >> reporter: the program starts here around 6:00. trace atkins is also here, but he is not the main attraction, mitt romney clearly is. i'll tell you about some other key stops mitt romney is making in the commonwealth over the next few days at 6:00. julie carey, news4. president obama spoke to a big crowd in denver this afternoon at his first rally since the debate. he said the man he met on stage last night looked like mitt
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romney but had different positions than the romney that's been on the campaign trail. >> the man on stage last night, he doesn't not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year. and that's because he knows full well that we don't want what he's been selling for the last year. >> the president is in wisconsin for another rally tonight. he will campaign at george mason university in fairfax tomorrow. police in fairfax county tonight are using bloodhounds, a helicopter and a lot of officers, hoping to find a missing teenager. brian glen was last seen monday morning after he didn't show up for school. officers found his car, but no sign of him. pat collins is live from the search scene with the latest on this search. pat? >> reporter: jim, some of the police are still out searching, others are back there getting debriefed. it's been more than three days now. no sign of brian glen.
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and the concern here continues to grow. they searched last night, and they were back again today. this time with more cops. and that helicopter again. looking all around the park trying to find brian glen. >> do you think he's in harm's way? >> it's hard for me to believe that he would go this long without contacting us if he weren't. and we had no reason to believe that he's a runaway. >> reporter: brian glen a senior. monday morning he dropped his younger brother off and kept on going. a short time later he went to this dunkin' donuts. the next day his car found here at the park. but no sign of brian glen. surveillance video shows that on monday morning, about 8:00 a.m., brian went to this dunkin' donuts, and bought six
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doughnuts. he walked away, and a short time later came back and bought a bottle of water. his parents think that's unusual, because in his car, he had his lunch for school, and a bottle of water. when police found his car, the doughnuts were gone, both bottles of water had been opened, but his lunch was still there. now, as the search went on in the woods, evidence techs at brian's house going through his computer, going through his cell phone, looking for any clues that might lead to his whereabouts. why so much police attention to this missing persons case. a police spokesperson said there are some unusual circumstances here. there is no evidence so far that this young man is missing because of anything that he did. >> you're worried? >> i am, i'm very worried. >> reporter: brian is a kicker
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on the football team. it's homecoming weekend. his father says that brian had a lot to look forward to. live in fairfax, i'm pat collins, news4. we have an update on another local teen reported missing this week. montgomery county police just reported that 15-year-old dariante hebron has been found safe in wheaton. he disappeared back on monday. no word on what happened to him. his family and police are thanking the public for their help. police have released a sketch of a man that they believe is responsible for a rash of sexual assaults in the springfield area. they believe the man is in his mid-30s, about 5'8", dark eyes, neatly trimmed beard. they say in the past month the man has attacked five times in the springfield area. all but one of the victims in the attacks, a teenage girl. the latest happened tuesday night, a 15-year-old says a man grabbed her from behind and assault her. developing story now out of new york.
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tonight, the nhl has officially canceled the first two weeks of regular season games. because of that ongoing lockout. and there's been no progress in negotiations over how to split revenue with the players. the league already lost $100 million by canceling preseason games. the earliest the capitals could take the ice now is october 27th, but that's unlikely. some are looking to the nhl winter classic in january as a possible starting point for the season. let's head outside. it felt like another summery day today. but fall is about to catch up to us. >> veronica johnson is in the storm center4 with your first word. >> it's going to catch up to us. coming up this weekend. but don't you like the sunshine that's out there now? we had clouds around on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and of course this morning, too. and now that front is east of us. we've got some nice sunshine. that's what it looks like outside. you can see the flags in the distance blowing a little bit. so along with the fact that
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we've cleared out, we've got a little bit of wind. the temperatures currently in the mid to upper 70s. down toward charlottesville, the areas that have had sunshine the longest. it's that dramatic change, wait until you see how far down those temperatures are going to drop on sunday. i'll have it coming up. the reflecting pool on the national mall is now empty once again, as workers deal with that algae problem. the pool just reopened five weeks ago following major renovations. today more than 100 workers scrubbed and cleaned the pool to try to get rid of that algae. the national park service said it didn't anticipate an issue so quickly after the major work project. >> this is a maintenance problem. we're going to have to empty the pool once a year anyway and clean it out. yes, it happened sooner than we thought. but we know we're going to get it right once we get the algae removed this time. >> it will probably last a few more days and once it's refilled workers will increase the level
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of ozone in the pool to prevent the algae from coming back. tonight, is washington ready for the play-offs? residents near the stadium voice their concern. metro riders at dupont circle. big changes coming to the big changes coming to the d.c. fire e.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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no sooner did the nationals get into the play-offs and the government threw cold water on fans by announcing higher taxi fairs for the postseason games. but the mayor complained. >> tom sherwood joins us with the story. >> jim, there are going to be huge crowds, but no one expected higher taxi fares. more than 6,000 cabs in the district. none will make extra money with $1 passenger surcharges during the play-offs announced wednesday evening, killed hours later. what happened? you reversed it? >> well, they told me, the mayor made it clear he didn't approve of it. and it's the mayor's program. and so i rescinded it. >> reporter: maybe quickly reversed, but there's still a lot of irritation about the jolt
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to fans. >> never understood the rationale for it in the first place. but more than that, we have to stop having these knee-jerk reactions in the industry. >> something i definitely would not have supported. >> you're happy -- >> i'm happy it ended quickly. >> reporter: d.c. transportation officials and police are also worried about crowd control, extra staff will be spread out almost a mile from the ballpark to keep traffic moving. >> we're going to do the best we can to manage the crowds. not just cars, but pedestrians, and everybody tends to go at one time. >> reporter: they also note some fans are driving and skipping metro. >> a lot of people still take metro. i think we've seen a few more people driving now. and really, when you have sellout crowds and a lot of cars down here, that's when i think people really should consider taking metro. >> reporter: residents in new high-rises are also bracing for larger crowds. with some complaining the city hasn't been enforcing no parking rules or adding crime patrols.
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>> and we think they should have been doing this the whole year. >> right now, there's a lot of things that still need to be worked out but we're hopeful over the next few weeks it won't be a total nightmare for residents. >> the first play-off game here is wednesday. not clear yet whether that will be a day or night game. >> thank you, tom. well, veronica's here now. what a warm day it is today. >> a few more days. we have one more day of summer. then we're into fall. then we're into almost winter type conditions. >> oh, my. >> exactly. just like that. see? jim knows. mid-november type air coming in for the second half of our weekend. but it is gorgeous right now. nice and mild. finally this front through. so we're seeing a blue sky and a little bit of wind, too. look at the flags in the distance as we look toward the kennedy center. 79 degrees the current temperature. your wind out of the north at 12 miles per hour. so that's bringing in some dry
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air right now. 81 in manassas. warmth, too, at 81 degrees through fauquier county and prince william county. higher readings here, because that's where the sun has been out a little longer. to the east, upper 70s. pretty mild evening for us. real nice evening, too. tomorrow morning, a clear sky for the most part. we could see a little bit of patchy fog around the area. we clear it out nicely as i open it up more. you can see the readings, up to the north and west, 49 minneapolis, minnesota. awfully cold. kansas city, missouri, 49 degrees. that's the cold air coming in behind the next front. and that next front will start stepping in as early as saturday. we're going to see a few clouds around the area. but it's the chilly air that hits us on sunday. and out of the couple of days that we're going to see readings heading way down, i think sunday is going to be the day with the lowest readings. saturday it's into ohio and
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kentucky. by the time we get to the end of the weekend sunday, through the mid-atlantic, that cold air is going to be hanging out for a while. cold during the overnight, cool by day. here's a look at your futurecast again. clearing out overnight. tomorrow morning, sunshine. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. with a nice wind out of the west. and by the time we get to saturday, there's that front coming in on us a little closer. a few clouds, maybe even a few sprinkles or two. light showers expected on saturday anytime. just very, very light stuff. it's sunday, though, that we'll have more of the widespread rain around. sunday early, you can see the rain heading through. and continuing to slide through our area during the day on sunday. here's a look at your four-day forecast. again, nice evening as we clear out. by tomorrow morning, we're 55 to 60. cooler. the high tomorrow, 83. it's going to be nice and mild. so fall-like conditions for saturday. almost like winter for sunday with a high of 59 degrees.
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and again, rain likely. so really not much has changed. still looking like sunday will be a good inside day. >> wow. air conditioner today, heat on sunday. interesting. >> thanks, veronica. coming up, those dreaded dupont circle escalators. they've been under construction for some time now, but tonight a light at the end of the tunnel. and there's no place like home. dorothy's ruby slippers are on the move. coming up in sports tonight, we rewind to a memorable game between the falcons and the redskins. coming up at 6:00, a pet snake may have killed a man in virginia. we'll be hearing
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falcons undefeated. we are looking back. >> yeah, carol maloney is here with the going way back machine. >> the current squad taking on
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the falcons this weekend. they'll have their hands full. tough game as jim was just telling me on the break. look back at what happened 21 years ago, might provide a bit of inspiration. the redskins rewind, taking us all the way back to week 11 of the '91 season. check out art monk, gary clark and mark ripen, what a game to remember. >> november 10th, 1991. letting it rip. a cold november afternoon for joe gibbs, lit the fire inside of mark rippen. rippen and the redskins scored 28 unanswered points against the visiting atlanta falcons. it was bombs away. 61 yards to gary clark. and the route was on. still second quarter. and rippen's four-yard bootleg
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puts the skins up. by halftime, the skins were up by 25. >> they kept giving us opportunities. they kept coming after us. when they got behind, that was one thing that worked in our favor, we knew in order for them to get back into the game they had to put some eight, nine, ten-man fronts up there. and we just made big plays. >> atlanta made big plays to start the second half. on their first possession, billy joe tolliver, to michael haines, for a 75-yard touchdown. next possession, tolliver to andre risen, in less than three minutes the falcons scored twice and were back in the game. >> i think we got a wakeup call quick, you know. scoring on the first two possessions, and now we're back in the game. now let's play some football. but we have to have the attitude that you've got to finish people when you get them down like that. we didn't do it today. >> yet, it was rippen that wasn't finished. three more touchdown passes including the 64-yard bomb to
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the hall of famer art monk. that tied rippen for most touchdown passes in a game with the legendary sammy ball. >> anytime you've got a guy that's led the ball in passing, punting and interceptions in one year, you know that's a tremendous athlete to tie a guy's record like that. i feel honored for a first. just one of those days that the situation arose to do something like that. >> the skins roll over the falcons 56-17. but gary clark also had a chance to honor his grandfather who had died the week before this game. the three touchdown catches were a career best for gary. at one of the toughest moments of his life. >> i love him to death. i miss him. i wish i could have him back. i can't. but i think every time i do something out on the field, because he was always pushing me to excel, that up in heaven he's good loving a piece of it, and saying, that's my grandson. he always told his friends,
5:26 pm
that's my grandson. >> he looks so young. the redskins would beat the falcons again that season in the play-offs, two games later they would win super bowl xxvi. >> that seems so long ago. >> it does. >> 21 years ago, i didn't even think about it. that's a long time ago. >> it is. and in redskins time, it feels like forever. >> it does. >> like 221 years ago. thanks, carol. coming up on news4 at 5:00, big changes are in store for d.c. fire. i'll have the story coming up. a group of military wives make a bold move to get attention for a cause that they say can't be overlooked any longer. big bird enters the fray. last night's debate
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a meningitis outbreak this afternoon, maryland officials released the name of clinics that received hundreds of shipments of possibly tainted steroid linked to the cases. six people have died, including one patient in maryland, one in virginia. >> with one debate behind them, the presidential candidates are back campaigning. mitt romney and paul ryan will take the stage in fishersville, virginia, in a little over an hour. president obama is campaigning in wisconsin tonight on his way to george mason university tomorrow. more bad news for hockey fans. as expected, the nhl canceled its first wave of regular season games today. amid the owners lockout of nhl players. the first two weeks of games are officially off with no sign of a deal in sight. let's fast forward to the weather. >> looking great right now. tomorrow will be one of the best days that we have seen, and still felt in a long time. that combination will be great for getting outside. look at that. the pretty blue sky. we've still got clouds in areas
5:31 pm
like new carrollton. a lot of sunshine in oakton, fran cone yeah and poolsville. 75 to 80 degrees. fredericksburg through the morning, your forecast. we'll have breezy conditions, we'll drop to 75 by 11:00 p.m. fredericksburg, your temperature tomorrow morning, 72 degrees. we'll look at the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. a news4 exclusive tonight, a major change is coming to the staffing of d.c. fire and emergency services. news4 has learned the number of employees will be pumped up during the day's busiest times. jackie bensen joins us live from the fire department to explain how this new plan will work. >> reporter: jim, this is about schedule changes known as power shifts. they will affect the estimated 1 million people who live and come to work in the district every day.
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and the plan is not without controversy. officials say the newest proposed shift changes are response to changing times. internal statistics say providing emergency medical care is now 85% of what was not long ago known as the d.c. fire department. >> our call volume is highest during the day. rather than have a system where we employ folks 12 hours in the morning and 12 hours at night, we looked at a different model to employ them during the higher part of the day. >> reporter: he drew criticism earlier this year when he wanted to let first responders work eight 24-hour shifts a month. ellerbe said the new power shifts will nearly double the emergency medical technicians on the street from roughly 25 to 45 during the busiest times of the day. the area's ever-increasing
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traffic congestion also plays a role. >> we know our employees get worn out in a 12-hour shift if they're the only ones responding. so we deploy at 9:00, 11:00, to replenish our force multiplier during the course of the day when our call volume is the highest. >> reporter: coming up, on news4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the two different labor unions involved in this, and they have two very different positions. reporting live in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. one in ten teenagers drinks and drives. according to a report out by the centers for disease control and prevention. this is a simulated fatal crash put on by students in potomac. the program named every 15 minutes is a reminder how often a person is injured or killed in an accident related to alcohol or distracted driving. >> when i first saw the crash, i
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was like, my heart stopped almost. it's one of the scariest things i've ever seen. >> i was sick. i was like not happy about seeing myself like this. i couldn't imagine people seeing their friends and this actually happening to someone. >> reporter: today police officers read the oh pbituary o one student of the school day to get the point across. the ruby slippers are on the road but not to oz. the slippers worn by judy garland in the classic are being sent to london for a special exhibit on hollywood costumes. the shoes will be shown with dorothy's blue and white gingham dress. it's the first time the shoes and the dress have been together since the movie was filmed in 1939. the smithsonian will hold a departure ceremony on tuesday. and those ruby red slippers will come back to us later this month. later next month. many people are off on monday for columbus day. metro is taking advantage of the
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time for some track maintenance. starting friday night, they'll be doing some maintenance on the red and orange lines. the red line will share a track between judiciary square and fort totten in both directions. expect delays of up to 20 minutes, and work should be done on monday. stillahead, 92 dogs wandering along a highway. where did they come from. a teaching strategy that is getting remarkable results. we go inside the classroom of teacher of the year. we're looking for the biggest nats fans. send us photos of your kids, pets, yourself, daked out in nats colors. thanks to everyone who has been sending these pictures
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in "education nation," an award-winning teacher who believes he's found a simple method to help his students succeed. his 10th grade history students are already taking classes for college credit. pat lawson muse takes us to the classroom to see him in action. >> i'm less concerned about you guys getting the correct answers to these and more concerned about you having some kind of technique for how to do it. >> reporter: in his world history class, daniel moses quiz es these 10th graders about religions in the world. >> what's the first word that just popped in your head? >> reporter: for the past four years moses has been teaching the class. he loves teaching the students and they love learning. >> his teaching method is very good. i actually learned things in his class. >> he comes in every day prepared and happy. >> reporter: the preparation has paid off. moses was recently named teacher
5:40 pm
of the year by the friendship consortium in the district and baltimore city. >> when our students talk about the amount of work that he does with them, the amount of hours he puts in to prepare them to take the a.p. exam, it's amazing. >> reporter: and he gets amazing results by using a simple teaching strategy. >> my strategy is one of just rigorous pacing, complex material, and lots of checks for them to make sure kids are understanding what they're being taught. >> reporter: he doesn't tolerate discipline numbers and keeps parents' cell phone numbers handy. he believes bored students become problem students. >> i think why some students get into trouble in the classroom is they're bored. i try to do a lot of interactive things, lots of debates, lots of discussions, lots of complex text analysis. >> reporter: and moses says he treats every student like one of his own. >> i'm a father of a
5:41 pm
10-month-old baby. i try to speak to every kid the way i would want them to speak to my son when he becomes a student. i consider myself to be a passionate teacher. that's my strength and ability to motivate rather than intimidate. any final arguments you would hike to make? >> mr. moses carries a cell phone with him at all times and says he has every parents' cell number on it at all times. >> wow. still to come, good news for metro riders. >> reporter: we'll be telling you when this dupont circle metro station will reopen. i'm chris gordon, and tonight we will give you your first look behind this wall of the construction project that has closed this entrance since february. ahead, on news4 at 5:00. a jewelry heist at the home
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if you use the dupont circle metro station, you've had to contend with those broken escalators for a while. well, those troubles are about to come to an end. the new escalators will be up and running sooner than anticipated. tonight chris gordon got a peek at them. he joins us live from dupont circle. hi, chris. >> reporter: good evening. dupont circle at rush hour, this
5:45 pm
is one of the busiest metro stations in the system. 50,000 riders a day. and if you take it, you know the south entrance on 19th street has been closed since february. well, tonight we're going to give you an exclusive look at the construction going on here, and tell you when the south entrance here will be open. >> this thing will never open on time. never. we'll be here in the snow. >> reporter: that's the kind of desperation you hear so often about the closing of the dupont circle metro station's south entrance. over the past eight months they ripped out and replaced all three escalators. in the meantime, passengers have had to use the north entrance which can leave them with a long walk. >> it's too far away. it really is. it's a long stretch. i prefer the other side. >> reporter: the dupont circle station escalators have been among the least reliable in the whole system. in july of 2010, multiple escalator failures caused chaos, endangering thousands of
5:46 pm
commuters who had to walk the 291 steps to the surface with some passengers climbing over others to get out. since this past february, the south entrance has been closed for construction crews to replace the three excalaters. it has been an inconvenience for passengers, and has hurt business along 19th street. but now comes the good news. here's your first look at the newly installed escalators at the south entrance to the dupont station. >> we're basically at a point now where these escalators are in place. we're wiring them up for power. we're wiring them up for network connectivity. putting in the final steps. after that, they'll go through a safety certification process, we'll do a cleanup of this construction site and we'll be ready for the reopening this month. >> you can look at it as an inconvenience, but i look at it as a great benefit that the transit and metro, that it will be something improved. i see it as an improvement. >> reporter: now, metro is not giving us an exact date when
5:47 pm
these south entrance here will reopen. but they say it will be by or before the end of this month. so just a couple of weeks. we're live tonight at the dupont circle metro station, chris gordon, news4. actress julianne moore was robbed. thieves took $127,000 worth of jewelry from the actress' home in new york city. the police report was filed on monday. it's believed the robbery happened during the summer when the house was being renovated and dozens of people had access to her property. ten pieces in all were stolen, including a cartier bracelet word $30,000. big bird strikes back. one airline takes aim at another. the power of a bald head. here's what's trending. listen up. a new study claims that men with bald or shaved heads are seen as more powerful. it's that old king and i thing. social psychological and personality science ranked how people reacted to men with
5:48 pm
different hairstyles. and found that those who sport a shaved head are perceived as masculine. don't pull out the shears just yet, because guys with less hair were also rated lower in attractiveness and also seen as being lower. spirit airline took a shot at a competitor with a one-day only online promotion. yesterday spirit offered 7.57% off base fares on its 757s. get it? the ad on the website said we let fares loose, not seats. it's a direct shot at american airlines, which inspected dozens of 747 jets after seats came loose during a flight. spirit is known for controversial ads in the past, targeting tiger woods, among others. a big night in politics is almost being eclipsed by a big bir bird. it spawned tons of tweets. a faux twitter account called fired big bird. that account was suspended this
5:49 pm
afternoon, but not before some of its tweets went viral. one said, romney will fire big bird and cookie monster and replace them with the replacement refs. and a tweet from the real big bird, via the sesame street official site. my bedtime is usually 7:45, but i was really tired yesterday, fell asleep at 7:00. did i miss anything last night? here's veronica with a word on the weather. >> i'm flipping through the calendar here trying to find the last time we had a high temperature of 59 degrees. and i'm looking at april. it looks like it's probably going to be april 22nd when he hit 57 degrees. pause we're in the 70s right now. we're at 79 degrees. our temperature will fall some 20 degrees the second half of the weekend. wow. that's what we have to look forward to. you want to really enjoy this evening, and even tomorrow. we've got a little bit of a breeze out there, out of the north at 12 miles per hour. here's a look at tomorrow, just how nice it will be.
5:50 pm
sunshine throughout the area. points of i-95, baltimore, 83 degrees the high. 82 down around manassas to culpepper, hitting a high tomorrow of 83 degrees. so take you into the future here. tomorrow, saturday, some scattered light showers early in the day. and then some scattered, well, not necessarily moderate rains, but it could pick up at least a little bit in intensity by the afternoon. a front coming through our area on saturday. i do think on sunday we'll start to see some more rain, low pressure that will be riding up along that front. so showers back in for sunday. more widespread rains throughout the afternoon on sunday. again, it's sunday that will be very cool. so cool and wet for sunday coming up. here's a look at your four-day forecast. tomorrow's high temperature 83. it's going to be absolutely beautiful. enjoy it. one of the best days we have had in a long time. saturday, clouds increasing. a few showers around the area.
5:51 pm
light, feeling like fall. 59 the high temperature on sunday into early next week. we'll have highs that will be hanging out in the 60s. kind of light jacket, sweater weather indeed. but again, it's wet weather for saturday, and sunday, and once again coming up wednesday of next week. so that's the way it's looking right now, guys, back to you. about one-seventh of the world and almost half of all internet users now have facebook accounts. the social media giant reached 1 billion users this month. an all-time high for a company that began in a college dorm room back in 2004. but it hasn't been all good news for facebook and ceo mark zuckerberg this year. the company's stock has lost nearly half its value since its ipo back in may. zuckerberg talked about that on the "today" show with matt lauer. >> if a company has a billion customers, how can they not be killing making money?
5:52 pm
>> it depends on your term of killing it. the future is really going to be about mobile. >> zuckerberg said he takes his responsibility as ceo very seriously. he said he's working hard to boost confidence among investors and employees. post-traumatic stress disorder is a growing problem for veterans. now some military wives are taking a new approach. they're going bare to raise awareness for its treatment. julia brook takes a look. >> reporter: bringing attention to more than just her eyes. she pens the pledge on the back of army wife jennifer brown for a photo, to add to the group's facebook page. >> this pledge that you're making for your spouse is just as important as marriage vows. >> reporter: she said she came up with the pledge and battling bare out of desperation. which she says grew as she tried
5:53 pm
to get help at fort campbell for her husband with ptsd. >> i felt like streaking the general's lawn, because maybe a naked woman would get attention and they wouldn't sweep me underneath the rug. i decided to do a photo campaign and it was what i called a god moment, ten minutes later it was on facebook. >> reporter: this was the picture wise took, wearing her husband's hat and holding his gun. >> these are my husband's dog tags. they were found in his car when they retrieved his car. and brought it back to me after they found my husband's body. >> reporter: alisha's husband committed suicide in march. she says her husband sought help for ptsd, but it wasn't enough. >> our soldiers have a lot to say. they have a lot bottled up inside of them. and no one's listening. i feel like they're afraid to be able to say what they need to say. because they're afraid it's going to hurt their record.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: it's a silence wives and these other women hope to slowly break, with battling bares mission. >> ensuring that the stigma of ptsd goes away. and people talk about it. and that's really the biggest thing. and in talking, there's healing. and not ignoring it. because ignoring it is people are dying. >> reporter: one picture, pledge, and soldier at a time. >> still to come tonight on news4 at 5:00, police have a mystery on their hands. they want to know who dumped nearly 100 purebred dogs on the side of a highway. coming up at 6:00, the fbi is on the scene where an american ambassador was murdered over in syria. in virginia, a man bitten by a snake, he's dead. and there's a new dinosaur species that's been found.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
raised in deplorable conditions then dumped on the side of a road, that's what happened to more than 90 dogs in north texas. >> as scott gordon reports, police are now offering a $500 reward tor information that will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: at the humane society of north texas, cage after cage is filled with the mystery, who would dump all these dogs, 41 of them in all, along the side of a country road in sanger.
5:58 pm
>> it's hard to believe people could act like this. just turn them out along the road somewhere. >> reporter: it came a day after police found 51 maltese mixed breed dogs, the humane society believes both cases are related. probably the owners of a puppy mill who no longer want to breed the animals under a strict new state law. >> unfortunately there's a few of these really bad breeders out there who know they're not going to be able to pass inspections and trying to get out of the business fast. >> reporter: the animals are filthy, all adults, and may have lived under horrible conditions. >> unfortunately a lot of these puppy mill dogs their feet may have never touched the ground. >> reporter: volunteers will bathe the animals in the next few days before putting them up for adoption. >> it's really heartbreaking. but hopefully we can change their lot in life and give them a better future than their past has been. >> that's where ry rescuing a d
5:59 pm
is important. one team hitting the ground running in virginia. meningitis outbreak is spreading. another patient has died and there's a growing risk for people in our area. a teenager vanished on the way to school. we'll report on why his parents think the disappearance is suspicious. a new plan of attack against the algae invasion on the national mall. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. we begin with the presidential race. mitt romney's supporters are jubilant. they hope for a strong performance in last night's debate and that's what they got. meanwhile, president obama supporters are already looking ahead to the next debate. we have team coverage now. julie carey in virginia, and steve handelsman in denver. steve, we begin with you. >> reporter: jim, thanks, good evening from denver. democrats i spoke to today in this battleground state of colorado say they're disappointed but not disheartened. they figure mitt romney has still got a ways to go to win in th

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